Noumenia of Aegletion, 2020

**Oracular Forecast – Eighth Year of the Treasury – Aegletion (XI), 2020

Aegletion (XI) – Sep. 18 – Oct. 16, 2020

Alpha (Α), Gamma (Γ), Lambda (Λ)

Our work continues, labor bears fruit, and we continue to receive encouragement from Apollon. Our goals are not yet reached but we begin to see blossoms form. Our work brings joy to Apollon and we are encouraged to focus on aspects of the work that bring us joy as well.

**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.

I Am the Deluge…

As occasionally happens, a message was received from a Deity other than Apollon.  Amphitrite shares a solemn message with us, for Noumenia. It has become clear that many of the Theoi are providing instruction on how to live well in the new era. May we take Their advice to heart, heeding Their warnings as they come.

Eye of the hurricane. Public Domain.

“I am the Deluge. I am the Great Flood which comes once every thousand years or more. I am the Goddess at the seat of all life on Earth. From within My cradle, abundance overflows. These times are a reflection of your own faces, all contorted in rage or apathy, pride or envy, fear or guilt. You have made the world what it is. And you have unmade the kindest futures We foresaw. What remains is a future of bleak sorrows, but even sorrows can be planted in the Earth, to be reborn.

“So, I bid you, plant your sorrows in the Earth, plant them within the offerings I have specified before– those of the land’s abundance– of fresh harvests and strong stock. If you are listening– if you hear Me, you will do these things. Plant them in the Earth, and call Me, dance, and greet Me upon the shore.

“I am Amphitrite. I rule the Sea.

— Amphitrite, Queen of the Sea (Channeled by Columbine 8/20/2020)

Noumenia of Agetoreios, 2020

**Oracular Forecast – Eighth Year of the Treasury – Agetoreios (IX), 2020

Agetoreios (IX) – Aug. 20 – Sep. 17, 2020

Nu (Ν), Upsilon (Υ), Omega (Ω)

Our good fortune continues, but we are again warned not to conclude or begin things before their time. We have set a goal and are encouraged to keep working toward it, but not to rush into new things or to move recklessly forward in our work. All things will come in their time.

**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.

This Disquiet Time…

As occasionally happens, a message was received from a Deity other than Apollon.  Queen Amphitrite seems to be the most talkative, lately.  ❤

“Amphitrite (5)”, by Andrew Cebulka. [Image links to website.]

“This is the disquiet time– for reflection– for purpose. Time for gaining knowledge of the depths, for holding those depths within, for churning with the depths and birthing a new reality– one based on knowledge, and the integration of knowledge.

This time is a gift, a breath, a moment’s repose, the still waters of the eye before the wind passes overhead. Learn who you are in this time, for only by processing your true nature, will you discover the tools that will set, and keep, you free.

— Amphitrite, Queen of the Sea (Channeled by Columbine 8/08/2020)

Our Lord Speaks….

“Apollo”, by Qistina Khalidah.

“Breathless as the twilight, vibrant as the dawn– the mouth of the sun/world opens, and the mountains rise again. The shadow cast is deep, and those who swim through the darkness are touched, henceforth to disperse it, as they disperse themselves. This is the work that is not easy, and this burden will bear itself upon those selected, until the mouth of the true wind opens– sighing like the twilight, bleak as the dusk.”

— Apollon (Channeled by Columbine, 7/26/2020)

Noumenia of Karneion, 2020

**Oracular Forecast – Eighth Year of the Treasury – Karneion (VIII), 2020

Karneion (VIII) – Jul. 21 – Aug. 19, 2020

Ksi/Xi (Ξ), Mu (Μ), Khi (Χ)

Haste is unnecessary, our work comes to fruition and we can safely press on. The goal we have been striving toward in the last months bears fruit, there is no longer any need to rush toward it. Instead we may take joy in our accomplishments and turn our minds toward our future tasks, knowing that our work is moving into its next phase.

**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.

Let It Be Known

“Apollon”, by Dong geon Son.

Apollon Khrysáoros is my Protector, my Lord.

All who witness the golden gleam of His blade are cut down before it.

All who feel the fury of His wind, are swept through with arrows.

All for whom His gaze smolders are reduced to ash.

No enemy placed in my path shall prosper, and none of their works shall take root.

Against me, my enemy bends, folds, breaks– for the light of Apollon lives within me, and the shadow of Apollon is my comfort.

Columbine, 7/04/2020 [Aphelion]

Noumenia of Pyrophorion, 2020

**Oracular Forecast – Eighth Year of the Treasury – Pyrophorion (VII), 2020

Pyrophorion (VII) – Jun. 22 – Jul. 20, 2020

Delta (Δ), Nu (Ν), Upsilon (Υ)

The way becomes smooth as promised, but we are encouraged to keep an eye out for those who try to turn us from our path. We must take care to weigh our decisions before we make them, as some that may seem expedient at first may cause us distress in the future. We are also encouraged to grow the relationships we already have and not seek new ones during this time.

**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.

Black Lives Matter Isn’t A Summer Project

Protest image found via Google.

I’ve been vacillating for over two weeks, trying to decide if I was going to write this post. Ultimately, it isn’t something I can continue to go on without saying, so…

This is a letter to my people, Black people, within the various polytheist communities, but especially those of us within the Hellenic Polytheistic communities.

I know you are watching, just as I am watching, all of these white individuals and white-led groups in their mad scramble to be the most Black-Lives-Matter-adjacent. I know that it can appear so wonderful to see these people doing the absolute minimum work in the defense of Black life, because we’ve spent so many years being overlooked, insulted, and silenced by these very same white individuals and groups. But they don’t get cookies for being basic, because what they’re doing now, is the most basic of all empathetic human duties.

Think back and remember, where were these people during the Ferguson uprising? Many of them were talking that shit (viva la revolution!!) back then, but when our activists starting showing up murdered, where were they? Where were their voices? In all the years that they have been adults in this world, how many years were spent in your defense, and the defense of people who look like you? Understand that many of these white people are in our struggle only for white clout– to be patted on the back and told they are Very Good People— to be excused for their own interpersonal racism.

Look around right now. There are a lot of calls, by white polytheists/pagans, for Black polytheists/pagans to come in on their publications and blogs with unending emotional labour, to teach them, in a never-ending stream of trauma porn, why our Black lives matter. You likely won’t get paid for it, and they’ll feel like they’ve done their civic duty by offering you the crumbs fallen under their table.

You are worth more than this. You are worth all the good and beauty in the world, and most of all, you deserve not to have to spend a moment within white spaces while they are in the midst of cleaning their own houses.

Because it isn’t safe for us. We do not have to break bread with people who only now, after unprecedented evidence of the systemic violence we have been calling attention to for literal years, seem to have grown a conscience. Because, frankly, I don’t believe it. And I won’t believe it until I see it sustained for three plus years, at least.

That is the minimum, for me, for any one of them to show that this is not a flight of fancy, not a summer project, not a good word on their college application. When the revolution becomes their life, full and true, as it is ours, then we’ll see. Because right now, all I see when I look at these folks being loud and pro-Black on the internet and elsewhere, is a bunch of people who didn’t give a fuck about my Black life and work and voice, when I was being attacked unprovoked in their communities by racists, many of whom have finally been exposed; or by white cop apologists who weaponized my poverty against me; or white women who tossed out racist statements publicly like they were going out of style; or white polytheists who slandered me for having differences of theological opinion; or white oracles who can’t stand my audacity to be a Black priestess of Apollon; or just white people in general who get offended by me defending my very real boundaries against their relentless and entitled nonsense.

Many of you were here to witness some of what I speak on above. Many of you have experienced this same, or similar, violence from the same or similar people. You don’t have to trust them just because they are saying what we’ve been waiting to hear for so long. Let them clean up their own houses before we enter into them, and if they are offended by our lack of enthusiasm, perhaps that is all you need to know about how they would treat you within the confines of their white spaces.

Now, what do we do to feel a sense of community within traditions what will likely never see us equally? We can wait for them to become truly enlightened, or we can build what we need, for us– for each other, and for ourselves.

The time for “For Us, By Us” polytheism has come. If we want a seat at the table, it’s time for us to build the table. If we want our voices heard and respected, it’s time for us to get behind the megaphone. And if we want our experience to be not only accepted, but sought after, it’s time for us to accept, and seek each other out. Only when we build it can we be sure that all of our people will be loved and looked after. Let the whites check their own, and after years go by, if they’re still down with the revolution/new era, then maybe we’ll let them in. In the meantime, let’s not be too quick to open up when they come knocking on our door, trying to sell us a bucket and mop to clean up their shit.

Columbine (6/15/2020)

From the Others…

As occasionally happens, a message was received from a Deity other than Apollon.  It was asked that this brief message be shared, so there will now appear a new page in the top menu, titled, “From the Others”, wherein you will find all messages given to us, from other Gods.  This is the first.

“Triumph of Amphitrite”, by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

“Here, in these waters, which are My dwelling-place, you shall make sacrifice of your landed goods– your bovine meats, as well as flowers from the field– and you shall give of your breathless spirit, through dance and voice and the gestures of those who have come before.

“Know that you must do these things to affect the balance of which you are a part. Give to receive, and receive, that you may in turn continue giving, for we are all made full by the effort and care of the other.

“Divine children of the Gods, take your rightful place in stewardship over your human connections with the natural world. Prepare yourselves, and be prepared by the changes unfolding before your eyes.

“Behold! The world has ended. The world begins anew.”

— Amphitrite, Queen of the Sea (Channeled by Columbine 5/16/2020)