Close Your Eyes

“Phoibos Apollon”, by Ans Westdorp-Klinkers, on DeviantArt.

“Close your eyes. The world is black. The world falls away. Enamoured of distraction, the truth falls away. No warning is heeded. The expense of life is too great. Lie within the cesspool; the microbes churn. Life will eat away the rot. Do not be surprised when your limbs dissolve, and what remains are empty shells of memories, laid in waste.”

— Apollon (Channeled by Columbine, 1/15/2022)

Noumenia of Perihelios, 2022

**Oracular Forecast – Tenth Year of the Treasury – Perihelios (I), 2022

Perihelios (I) Jan. 3 – Feb. 1, 2022

(Σ) Sigma, (Δ) Delta, (M) Mu

Do not back down. You will not be bulldozed over by any assailant, so why would you allow them to believe, even for one second, that they will drive you out of your own house? You have built this place from the foundation stone, and are its caretaker. Do not flee the foe, for like a dry branch in the wind, they will snap in half, leaving only you, and bitter dreams carried away, like leaves. Even that which has stood a thousand years, is eroded in the wind, and no institution can withstand the force of Truth, and solidarity. Unjust rules should never be adhered to in right conscience. This labor must be paid, for the betterment of all. Everyone. Even the adversary– for Apollon does not discriminate in the healing arts. Healing and destruction are well met on the path, and so to heal, we must destroy what prevents that healing in the first place.

**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.

Offering/Prayer of Gratitude to Apollon, for COVID Survival

“Apollon”, by dhumonio. If you are or know the artist, and the signature has been named incorrectly, let us know in the comments.

For those of us whose gratitude is given in this instance, where we or a loved one has survived the virus. It is important to give due honor and praise, not only when we need, but especially when we have already received Their blessings and protection.

[Procedure: Prepare all appropriate Offerings and Libations ahead of time. Purify the space with bay laurel. Purify participants with khernips. Play appropriate music. Process toward the altar or shrine, and begin.]

Apollon, our Lord who has stood beside us, whose arms enfold us in warmth, whose care radiates forth and touches the needy and infirm, whose very strength seeps into our bodies through the vehicle of our devotion, who is the Lord of Plague, and as such commands the vagaries of disease; we who are Yours, who have known You over a length of years, or have only recently become acquainted, we who have suffered in the depths of Your Domain, call to You, O Lord; and here do we invite You to enter into our space, once again!

We seek no further boons at this time, and have called You here for this purpose alone: to reflect upon the might with which You have cleansed and cleared our bodies, and the bodies of those we love, of the COVID virus which has wreaked havoc on Earth, and continues to do so!

We honor You, O Hand of Zeus; Blessed Lord Katharsios, who purifies with a word, or a touch, or a thought! We revel in Your Power, O Lord Paian, who soothes away the pain, and purges the infection! We praise and celebrate You, O Lord Daphnephoros, whose sweet bay branches burn, driving away all miasma!

With the scent of laurel, we have made this space clean and ready to receive You! Here have we placed our offerings of [Name the Offerings as you place them], that they may serve to express a portion of our gratitude and love! Here do we pour our Libations of [Name the Libations as you pour them], that the liquid might carry our profound thanks at the generosity You have bestowed upon us, the painfully mortal!

Here, O Lord, do we raise our voices in prayerful unison, that our joy in speaking Your Names might please You; that the love we feel for You might bring a smile to Your Divine lips; and that the wholeness of our lives be spent in reciprocity toward You, our Beloved; our Stalwart Prince!

Ie Paian! Blessed are You, Apollon! Ie Paian! Blessed are You, Katharsios! Ie Paian! Blessed are You, Daphnephoros! Blessed is the Right Hand of Zeus!

[Dancing, and other celebration should ensue.]

— Columbine, 12/20/2021

Healing Prayer Dates, 2022

“Alexander of Macedon Trusts the Doctor Philip”, by Henryk Siemiradzki.

As we come toward the end of the Julian year, we now give you the dates for Healing Prayer for the upcoming year, 2022.  The dates are marked according to the Julian scheme so as to make it as easy as possible for folks to be active in their participation, without having to convert Treasury Calendar dates.  May the upcoming year bring you joy and fulfillment, and may Apollon and the other Theoi bring you many blessings!

Below you will find all of the Julian dates for Healing Prayer, during the new year.  As always, the Treasury invites you to join us in prayer.

Prayer should begin at or around sunset, local time.

January 23, 2022

February 22, 2022

March 23, 2022

April 22, 2022

May 21, 2022

June 20, 2022

July 20, 2022

August 18, 2022

September 17, 2022

October 16, 2022

November 15, 2022

December 14, 2022


Prayers are NOT to be directed toward specific persons, UNLESS THEY HAVE CONSENTED to prayers on their behalf.

Participants are encouraged to pray for whatever healing they, or CONSENTING loved ones need (excepting minor children or dependents– discretion lies with parents or guardians), be it physical/medical, mental, emotional, etc.

Prayers ARE to be directed toward closing existing rifts within the spheres of the public Polytheist and/or Pagan communities. This includes local, statewide, national, or online communities.

Prayers should ONLY be directed toward communities that participants are ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN.

ALL prayers should be addressed to the Lord Apollon, or to Apollon and Asklepios, as the case may be for medical intervention.

Noumenia of Hyperboraios, 2021

**Oracular Forecast – Ninth Year of the Treasury – Hyperboraios (XIII), 2021/2022

Hyperboraios (XIII) – Dec. 5 – Jan. 2, 2021/2022

(Φ) Phi, (A) Alpha, (Z) Zeta

It is easy to overlook problems far out on the horizon. We may not wish to deal with what we know is coming, yet for all our avoidance, we will only reap the danger that may not be escaped. Do not pretend that you do not see it, for it will not disappear simply because you do not wish to confront it. And if we find ourselves in worse circumstances, it will not be because we were not warned. So long as we utilized the tools given to us by the Gods, and do not shirk the responsibility to defend ourselves when trouble brews, we shall win in all conflict. However, we must also accept when flight is necessary– not putting ourselves in the path of affliction is oftentimes a better course of action than having to stay and fight a battle we might not dominate.

**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.

Treasury Festival Dates, 2022

“Two Brown Snakes” (Coastal Taipan), by David Clode.

With half ancient festivals, and half modern festivals, the Treasury of Apollon’s calendar is entirely our own creation, meant for our use, and for the use of those who would celebrate with us.

In anticipation of the next Treasury Year, here are our festivals, listed and dated accordingly.

Sisters and associates, below are the calendar dates for the upcoming year’s major Treasury festivals. Underlined are the names of each Treasury Month followed by its corresponding number in parentheses. Next, are that month’s Noumenia and Deipnon dates, according to the Julian calendar. Bullet points are for the major festivals celebrated in a particular month, followed by its day within that month.  As always, all celebrations are optional, though encouraged. This information may be updated at any time.

Perihelios (I) Jan. 3 – Feb. 1, 2022

Prostaterias (II) Feb. 2 – Mar. 2, 2022

Daphneion (III) Mar. 3 – Apr. 1, 2022

  • Ktistêsia: Founding Anniversary and Purification of Altars [5th]
  • Stepteria: Crowning and Purification of Apollon after defeating Delphyne [7th]
  • Sminthia [Vernal Equinox – 18th]
  • Daphnaea: Consummation of Daphne and Purification of Priestesses [20th]
  • Daphnephoria: Parade of the Purified Apollon [29th]

Theoxenion (IV) – Apr. 2 – Apr. 30, 2022

Pytheion (V) – May 1 – May 30, 2022

Batrachion (VI) – May 31 – Jun. 29, 2022

  • Batrachia: Festival of Frogs [7th]
  • Anointing of Apollon at Xanthos [9th]
  • Hyakinthia [Full Moon – 15th]
  • Pyrophoria [Summer Solstice – 22nd]

Pyrophorion (VII) – Jun. 30 – Jul. 28, 2022

  • Aphelion [5th]
  • Lykaea [20th]

Karneion (VIII) – Jul. 29 – Aug. 27, 2022

  • Metageitnia [7th]
  • Karneia [Full Moon – 15th]

Agetoreios (IX) – Aug. 28 – Sep. 25, 2022

Lykeion (X)

  • No Intercalary Treasury Month of Lykeion this year

Aegletion (XI) – Sep. 26 – Oct. 25, 2022

Telchinion (XII) – Oct. 26 – Nov. 23, 2022

  • Pythias’ Day (Unofficial) [7th]

Hyperboraios (XIII) – Nov. 24 – Dec. 23, 2022

  • Hyperboralia: Festival of Lights [7th]

Noumenia of Telchinion, 2021

**Oracular Forecast – Ninth Year of the Treasury – Telchinion (XII), 2021

Telchinion (XII) – Nov. 5 – Dec. 4, 2021

(B) Beta, (Γ) Gamma, (A) Alpha

We are not alone– never alone, when Apollon is at the forefront of our minds, and actions. Be quick to defend what is right, and we will always reap justice, in the fields of injustice. We, who do not hesitate to act in right judgement, will gain success beyond our most detailed imaginings, and our voices will not falter, nor fail to rise up, in the sea of lies. Apollon is at our back, always, when we live in accord with His principles, and example. We accomplish so much, when we fear not to stand within the Truth.

**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.

Aegletia, Solo: Farewell

“Setting Sun”, by Peggi Wolfe.

The last day of Aegletia is always bittersweet. We have immensely enjoyed hosting our Lord and His Family, but now we must prepare to say goodbye again. It is appropriate to spend this final day basking in Apollon’s company, and reveling in His attentions. Accept all that He offers, today especially, because although He will never be completely out of reach for those of us who love Him, we also will not have His undivided attention, or an opportunity to simply dwell so near to Him, until winter becomes spring, and the world again welcomes Him home for Theoxenia. As the Ninth Illumination draws to a close, it is time for us to give Him the gift of our hopes for the future, as Apollon embarks upon the next phase of His cyclic journey.

To do this, a simple letter will suffice. It is not my business or my place to dictate or even suggest the contents of any such letter. This is the most personal and intimate of Illuminations. I will only say that it needs to come straight from the heart and soul. Within the Treasury Tradition, it is suggested that all gifts given to Apollon on the final day be burned in ritual fire, to release them utterly into the care of our Beloved. This remains a suggestion for those in a position to carry it out safely, however, a fire is not always desirable or feasible under certain circumstances.

It is known that there are people in our communities who do not have access to the space needed to conduct even the simplest fire rituals. Particularly, many college students living in dorms; individuals and families in public housing; the unhoused, either living outside or in various shelters; or youth living in hostels, group homes, or other foster care systems.

Life circumstances should never bar the willing from participation in Apollonian rites, and so I suggest this alternative:

Instead of writing out handwritten letters, and physically burning them in dedication to our Lord, Apollon Aegletes, it is entirely appropriate to type them into one’s phone, laptop or other electronic device; and instead of burning them with fire, one is permitted to ritually delete them from said device, after reading them aloud to Apollon at an altar, or before some representation of Him.

In this case, unlike many of the offerings during the other Illuminations, it is crucial that these offerings exist physically or electronically, first. For all gifts given on the Ninth Illumination are considered a true sacrifice. They must be borne of our hands, but they are for Apollon, alone. We are simply the temporary caretakers, and deliverers.

With handwritten letters, reading them aloud before burning was always expected, so this new suggestion holds barely any difference in intent– only in procedure. Ours is an open tradition, constantly evolving. Technology is a gift from the minds of Gods, to the minds and hands of humans, and other lifeforms. We utilize all that is given to us in resolving situations and issues that arise.

So, today, for the Ninth Illumination of Aegletia: Farewell; enjoy Apollon’s presence while He remains, then release all your hopes into His waiting hands, to be shaped and moulded into reality over the course of His work during the winter. This is the culmination of the Aegletia festival, and each of its Illuminations. This is the gift and promise of Farewell– Apollon always returns to us in the spring.

Hail and praise to our Divine King, our Splendorous Lord, Apollon! Blessed reflections of His Grace may we always be! And may the days pass quickly for us, that we be reunited with our Beloved, come spring!

Hail Apollon! Hail Aegletes, of the Setting Sun! Hail always our Lord!

Khaire! (or, Blessed Be!)

— Columbine, Aegletia, Day 9, 2021

Aegletia, Solo: Quietude

“Contemplation”, by Pino Deani.

Today is the Eighth Illumination of Aegletia: Quietude. It is a day of rest and ease, stillness and contemplation. It is when we measure what we have learned in the last days, and integrate that knowledge into our understanding of Apollon, and our place by His side. We need not perform today. There are no mandates, and we have nothing to prove. We have been here, with Him whom we adore, praising and loving Him with all our being. He has witnessed our devotion, and celebrated along side us as the days and nights have passed behind. All He asks of us today, is that we wrap ourselves up within His grace, allowing His lessons to nourish our minds and souls.

We are of Him, and for Him, and therefore we must do as He asks. Take your time today. Give yourself room to breathe. Be kind to yourself, and push not beyond your limits. Be comfortable. Just as you have made a comfortable space for Apollon, Leto and Artemis, treat yourself with that same respect and honor. Be peaceful, and watch as the peace you exude becomes a blanket that wraps around any with whom you may come into contact.

If you are inclined toward prayer, now is a fine day to dive into it, wholly. Without the eyes of others upon you, it may be easier to enter the quiet place of the mind, where hope and joy intermingle, where we can form our thoughts into bright focus; the focus which rebuilds reality according to the mind’s eye. Visualization, or Manifestation, of our future under our Beloved’s watchful gaze, and steadfast care, is a step toward grace that we are encouraged to take.

I have read many beautiful and poetic lists of Adorations for our Bright Lord, and you can find a few versions here on the Treasury’s website, on the page titled Adorations. These will help you to focus, if you are in need of such assistance. Better still would be to compose your own. They needn’t be lengthy, or brilliantly written. What comes from the heart is like a snapshot of the soul, and Apollon wishes only for you to bear your soul to Him. Let Him witness you in all your ecstatic beauty. Give everything to Him; give over your grief, sadness, pain, love, joy and excitement; and He will transmute your unbridled emotions into bricks of immeasurable strength, with which to fashion your eternal dwelling place, at His side. Let the thoughts and words flow. Let them spill out of you like a wellspring– and let our Prince gather them, and you, into His gentle and sublime embrace.

Quietude. Calm. Stillness. These are the joys of the Eighth Illumination, and they are waiting for you. Waiting, just as Apollon Himself waits for you to reciprocate; and return His embrace. Remember this, always: our Lord remains with you, and shall remain, for He dwells within your very soul– now– and for all time.

Blessed is our Lord, Aegletes, of the Setting Sun, who shall soon turn His face toward the hidden realms of spirit! Blessed is our Prince of Olympos, who shall soon leave us to the devices of this mortal world! Blessed is our King of Eternal Summer, who shall soon be enthroned once more, upon the seat of His Mother, in Hyperborea!

Blessed is Apollon, our Beloved! Blessed is He, our Light of the Kosmic Void!

Khaire! (or, Blessed Be!)

— Columbine, Aegletia, Day 8, 2021

Aegletia, Solo: Fellowship

Hands clasped in comfort. Royalty free image, found via Google.

In previous years, the focus of the Treasury’s Aegletia articles has mainly been about how to celebrate within a group dynamic, or family unit. But not every worshipper is aligned within such a dynamic. In order to have this addressed, this year, Apollon called me to contribute insights and suggestions on how one might do so with only onself, and the Gods. That is why this year’s series is titled: Aegletia, Solo.

It hasn’t been particularly difficult to adapt the Illuminations, with a sigular celebrant in mind. There have been years when I myself was effectively alone in celebration. With a teenager and a very young child, I can not always entice or persuade them to participate very much. So, I know what it is to enjoy this festival with just my Gods to keep me company.

But today is the Seventh Illumination; Fellowship. How can one who may be without any kind of fellowship, even children, partake of this day’s themes in an authentic and participatory way? Well, it’s quite easy, actually. All we have to do is remember, that though we may be separate from one another, we are in fact, not alone in our celebrations.

You, in your home or other prepared space, and I, in mine, are very much experiencing the Aegletia in tandem. There are individuals all around the Earth, each making their own contributions to Apollon’s festival, each in loving communion with our Lord, His Sibling and Mother– and also with us. We are not alone, and it has been this way from the very beginning.

Before the festival was given the name Aegletia, before even the foundation of the Treasury itself, in that very first year of celebration in 2011, I did not do so alone. Certainly, I was the only celebrant in my household, but at least one other person also marked the occasion of nine days, in the seclusion of their own home. I know this to be a certainty. Fellowship has been a part of this celebration since its very inception.

So, if you find yourself hesitating on the day of the Seventh Illumination, know this: we are here with you. We are links intertwined; a chain that reaches back for a decade— because this, my darlings, is the tenth Aegletia. For ten years we have reached out, together, to Apollon, our Lord, Prince, and King. For ten years, He has accompanied us in our fervor. This celebration was established to bring together those who would honor Him at the turning of the seasons toward winter, when after joining us to accept our loving farewells, Apollon would continue on to Hyperborea. And together, we have bid Him many fond farewells.

This is the tenth. It will not be the last. Take heart in the knowing of the many who have come before you, those who remain, and those yet to come. All of us together form Apollon’s Treasury. You, I, my Sisters– and all the masses of individuals from all over the world. We are His gift to one another, and we will hold each other up in Fellowship– today, tomorrow, this year, and for so many years to come.

Blessed is the Treasury of Apollon, both outer and inner circles, beloved of our Lord; and Blessed is the Bright One, Himself, for whom we each have burned, and will burn again!

Hail Apollon! Hail Artemis! Hail Leto!

Khaire! (or, Blessed Be!)

— Columbine, Aegletia, Day 7, 2021