Every Moment, for Apollon

Sometimes, when I read the words written down by other devotees of my god, tears fill my eyes.  Their accounts of Him are so beautiful, so intense and inspiring, that it just leaves me speechless.  I do not experience anything so profound, I would often say.  And sometimes, I’ve even felt the sting of jealousy over what I had perceived to be a lack of ability, on my part.

Apollon speaks in many different ways.  It is not always a booming voice, as He is a silent god, more often than not.  And those sounds that I do hear, are not anything like a voice I would recognize, but rather, something associated with His domain.  A swarm of bees, perhaps, or the sound of a clear, bubbling spring. He has many “voices”.

And then, there are those who write of His touch. The fire, the blinding light, and yes, He weilds these things, but He may also be the gentle breeze, or the rain falling softly upon your head. I often feel a slight stroke of His fingertips, brushing so slightly over my skin, mostly in those brief moments right before or after sleep. Apollon is the god of the Boundary, which includes that twilight time between waking and dreaming.

There are so many ways to meet Apollon, to feel Him, to see Him, to experience Him, and all are a part of His gift to us. I am myself trying to connect with Him in a new Place, where the Land feels different than what I am accustomed to. But, always, the Sun’s light is a steady beacon of His power, which I may draw upon to illuminate the dark spaces, wherein I can not see. And though He is all-consuming, His gentleness is like no other’s. He needn’t scorch you, just to touch you. He needn’t lead you down the Delphic path, for He has many paths, many roads. Each road originates from Him, and each leads back to Him, in the end.

This is Apollon, as I experience Him. Every moment of my journey is my testimony. He lives. He breathes. He loves. As do I. As do we all. And so, just living my life, ordinary though it may seem, I am aware of my god, intertwined with all life, and breath, and love.

Hail Apollon, who has many brides; He who loves much, and gives even more.

— Columbine


About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

One response to “Every Moment, for Apollon”

  1. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir says :

    Now YOU bring tears to my eyes, Columbine. I can feel that deep, strong love that He brings to His women, to His brides so intense.
    Your words touched me. Did not expected this in that way.

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