Hymn to Lykeios

(Reposted with permission)

Hail Lykeios, Wolf-king, O howling wind
Keeping the gate of the beginning and the end,
You who preceed the dawn,O burgeoning light
Herald of the day, and harkener of the night;
With harmonic chords you etherically sing
O light-born, ravenous, all-destroying king.
You who destroy equally the night and day
Each season proceeds from you, birth to decay
That as the sun marks the endless spin of time
So you direct the course of the season’s climb
And the sigh of its decline by your wolf-light
As twilight proceeds the dawn and ushers night.
Hail to you Wolf of the Cosmos, white as the sun
Hail to you, aether-born, Zeus’ golden son!
O bane of the Telchines, fierce one– you rise
As a fiery dancer upon the waves you devise,
The light of solar winds, and bellows of breeze
The life-producing churn of the fruitful seas,
O Lycian lord bear forth your blazing flame
To enrich the soul and burn away the stain;
Before the sparks of your torch all evil flies,
Woe to the corrupt whom your arrows despise,
But joyously greet you the righteous and just,
You who mingles the ashes with the dust.
O Lykeios, dancing on your father’s hand,
Upon us let your rays ever begninantly land.

—  Lykeia



About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

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