The Journey to Hyperborea

When Apollon is away, is He really, truly gone?

This is a question that I have heard in one form or another throughout my limited number of years in His service.  I had asked this question myself, when I was first beginning, and the answer which I’ve come to understand now, after all this time, is yes… and no.

Yes, He is away from those aspects of His domain that we are most familiar with, those aspects which reflect some part of the human experience, or some part of the natural order in which we all are players.  But, there is so much more to His domain than what we can even perceive, so much more that needs its own time to be tended properly.

It is during the Winter months, when our Lord makes His journey into these spaces, that we may feel a deep, unending distance from Him.  But, He is not gone away entirely.  In these times, He is more introspective, more concerned with the inner, and the innate nature of the Kosmos.  It is also a time when He may choose to reveal His own most innate nature.

In the Winter, I see Apollon not as the shining Sun, but as the Twilight, and as the Wolf; as a fierce predator, and swift justice.  He is the cold, hard wind, and the absence of social niceties.  He is the seclusion of Winter, and thus the revealer of ultimate truth.

I see this as a time for our Lord to gather Himself up and to ponder things which are unknowable to us.  But, we may be a comfort to Him, if only we accept that He is not the same in the Winter.  We can not simply expect to see the god in the same light, for He is withdrawn from light at this time.  In the dark, quiet space is where we shall find Him, where we should seek for Him, and where He waits for us.  Because, as I see it, those who feel Him close in the Winter are already in Hyperborea.

Is Hyperborea a place?  Yes.  As surely as Olympos exists in the realm of the gods, so too does Hyperborea.  However, it seems that the Blessed Island also dwells within us, as we shall hopefully dwell in it, when the time comes.

It is said that the Lord Apollon takes His favorites, His swans, to Hyperborea upon their deaths.  Perhaps He also allows us to touch the Land there in life, by first walking beside Him in our hearts.

He is still with us, even now.  So, do not worry, and do not panic, for the light returns.  And the warmth grows nearer with each passing day.

— Columbine


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About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

One response to “The Journey to Hyperborea”

  1. Agnes says :

    Reblogged this on Albedo and commented:
    A wonderful description of Apollon’s time in Hyperborea, that is in a way similar to my own experiences.
    He is not gone. Perhaps you wouldn’t know that at first, since the way you experience Him will be so different from summer time; but once you realize it, it would be impossible for you to forget about His presence.
    In times like this, His harsher aspects seem to play a much larger role. As the Lord of Rot, Lord of Sacrificers, He makes you think about parts of yourself and your life that have to be let go. There is secluded darkness, but there is still light – Hyperborean light of Aurora Borealis and far away stars, the light, that no longer brings warmth. There’s ice wind and a glow in Wolf’s eyes.
    And yet, there’s comfort in this quite withdrawal, a sort of comfort one doesn’t experience in summer. And there’s this new, more intimate knowledge, both of yourself and of your God – a knowledge, shared with Him as well.

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