We, the women of the Treasury of Apollon, are going to be celebrating our Lord in a modern festival in His honor, starting on October 1st, and ending on October 9th.  It doesn’t have a title yet, and we are just in the beginning stages of figuring out what He wants from each of us, not so much in regard to offerings, but in regard to how we should approach the festival in our hearts.  I celebrated this new festival last year, having posted the resulting inspired writing to my blog.  I was very pleased to learn that a few people also participated privately, the first time around.

This year, the Treasury will be celebrating as a group of individuals.  Some of us will give offerings, which may or may not end up in pictures posted to this blog. Some of us will create poetry or other works in His honor, which again, may or may not end up here.  Not all of us are able, or even inclined to share with the public, and as it stands, I am the only one who is expected to produce something for each of the nine days.

Because I am not in the position to give more tangible offerings, mine will necessarily be in the form of words.  Some of these words will come from within me and will be my own, and some will originate Elsewhere.  All are inspired by my love for Apollon, and my desire to serve Him and what He represents, and also by my desire to fascilitate His connection with this, and Other Worlds.  The ability to open myself up to Him, and Others, is His gift, and it is my honor to be His vessel.

Also of note, anyone wishing to participate privately is encouraged to do so, in whatever way you feel compelled to.  As always, your offerings are welcome to be posted here, if you wish.  This is only the second year of this festival’s existence, so there are no prescribed rules.  I can tell you that many of us have found solid ground in this by acknowledging Him as Hyperboreos, Anax, and Lykeios.  Your milage my vary.

Our thanks go out to all who choose to honor our Lord Apollon at this time. May your offerings be well received, and may His love flow through you, and out into the world.

Hail Apollon-Anax!

— Columbine


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About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

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