Solar Spring

Originally, I was going to write a more technical post, describing and comparing climate zones for the various expressions of Winter in the United States.  It would have been an interesting post, unfortunately I don’t think it would have captured the nature of the celebration that I acknowledge at the time of Solar Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, so here is round two.

Of all the holy times throughout the year, this period of roughly three to four weeks (beginning in early February), is and has always been my favorite time of the year, even before I realized the importance it holds for me, personally. It is the time when the Sun’s newly burgeoning warmth is just beginning to be felt by the land, when the flowers begin to peek up through the soil, and new buds can be seen on the trees.  This is the time when my diligence at the Perihelion is rewarded with the flicker of Apollon’s attention turning back upon me, and indeed upon this world.  It is when I begin preparations for His Return to Delphi.

As it stands, I haven’t been able to fully embrace this time as I’d like to. What I am compelled to offer my Lord is at least a weeks worth of cleaning, with the remaining time devoted to decorative pomp.  As I am the only one here who finds creating a welcoming environment for my Lord to be a top priority, I am the only one who can make it happen.  And I do what I can for Him in my limited capacity, but truly, what I (and I suspect He, also) would like to see are a small handful of His women coming together in honor of Him.  Perhaps a sort of voluntary religious seclusion, where we inform ourselves of our femininity, and prepare ourselves to receive again the pinnacle of Masculinity that is our Lord Apollon.

For myself, it is very much centered around the bridal role, that of the welcoming homemaker who provides the comfort and release from the battles of the outside world.  Only Apollon knows what lay beyond the horizon, where we can not see, but I feel as though these weeks of preparation and anticipation allow me to be the excursion He desires during this transition.

Of course, I haven’t yet forsaken my wish for companions with which to celebrate, because who wouldn’t want to clean and pray and bond with other women of Apollon, while singing His praises and awaiting our Lord on the coming day?  *sigh*  How I wish.  In the meantime, I’m afraid He will have to make due with my lonely and meager presence, as He has for the last several seasons.  But, even as I long for a bit of physical community, I am reminded that I was charged with the expression of this holy time for a reason.  Perhaps He doesn’t mind it so much as I seem to, as the time approaches.

— Columbine