Prayer for Aegletia

Blessed are You, Apollon, light of this world
May we be kept within Your reach
Always striving to seek what is right
And what is good among all life situations

Blessed are You, Apollon, gleaming in the distance
May Your trail illuminate the ways
That we may follow You
Even as the dark begins its reign

Blessed are You, Apollon, wolf of twilight
May we never run fearfully from Your howl
Which is the precursor to Your embrace
And a warning to the many who cross Your path

Blessed are You, Apollon, perched upon a high throne
May we bask in Your radiance, yearning to honor You
In action, as well as speech
For You are the arbiter of peace and righteousness

Blessed are You, Apollon, our Lord, our King
Riding on the winds, holding sway over the Seasons
May we know You as intimately as the soil knows the rain
And may we dance to the melody of Your lyre, in Winter, once again

— Columbine

Suggestions for Aegletia

A few days ago, one of our Sisters asked how we would be observing the Aegletia. I’ll go ahead and put my answers here for everyone. Others, please feel free to answer in the comments, if you wish. These suggestions are only that– suggestions.  How you may celebrate will likely look very different from how I will celebrate, keeping in mind that I and several other Sisters of the Treasury have children to incorporate into the festivities.


Since I still have a lot of household things to do throughout the week of Aegletia, my observances will be in many brief but focused intervals each day. The first day, which is for our purification, I will be preparing khernips with a variety of herbs and sea salt. I will likely sprinkle the khernips throughout the house and over the outdoor altar. I will also put some of the khernips into a clear container and set it out on the outdoor altar with offerings and prayer to Apollon for purification. Later that evening, while I shower, I will pour that water over myself in the final purificatory act. Then I’ll seal it with intent by anointing myself with lavender essential oil. There are many, many ways of personal purification. These are but a few of mine.

On the second day, His arrival at our hearths, I will wait to let Him lead me in whatever kind of bonding experience He chooses. This is the most intimate of the festival days, when it is just you and Him together. I will try to just feel His presence and revel in His attention. I’ll probably try to get in a few rounds of prayer and maybe a shared meal.

Day three, I will honor Artemis, though I’m not exactly sure how that is going to look. I have never had much of a connection to Artemis. I’ve had some experiences of Her that were amazing, but I just don’t know how to reach out to Her. She’s definitely been on my peripheral, though. I was thinking of staging a “Hunt” for my daughter, kind of like an Easter egg hunt, but with animal figurines hidden all over the yard. There would be prizes depending on the ferocity of the animal and the number of animals accumulated. And of course, prayers to the wildlife spirits around us.

The fourth day is for Leto, and She will be given the most prominent space on the altar on this day. As a family, we will honor Her as the dark mother. with twilight offerings and gifts, at least one handmade. Though, before the evening focus on Leto, we will try to push our personal boundaries by doing something we’ve never done before, something which takes us outside of our comfort zones. For my family this will likely mean a trip to someplace we’ve never been, along with a brief essay of our impressions of the place, to give as offerings to Apollon. We may also come back with flowers for Leto.

The fifth day will be for the exploration of beauty in our world. I’m going to suggest a trip to the beach for my family since it may still be warm enough down south where I’m at, as I find few things more beautiful than sunlit water. This will also give me an opportunity to discuss water safety with the child again, which touches upon the ugliness of life when we contemplate the risk of drowning. I will also emphasize the not lying on the fifth day, and bring back some shells or sand dollars for Apollon.

On day six, we’ll probably stay home, listen to many different genres of music, maybe play “guess the classical composer”, make some more pretty decorations for Apollon’s altar, and tell and act out some of my daughter’s favorite myths involving Him.  Also, we may plant some bulbs that will sprout in the spring, to welcome Him for His return, as suggested by another Sister.

Day seven will be a much more structured day, ritually speaking. My daughter and I will pray at the altar, and I will give her another divination lesson with the alphabet oracle. I’ll have her meditate, then describe the imagery she receives either verbally to Apollon before the altar, or in written form. Later that evening, I will go into trance to receive messages for my Sisters, should our Lord have any to pass on, through me.

The eighth day is for winding down from the previous days’ festivities, as well as for meditating on what one has learned throughout the festival, thus far. For my family, this will be a quiet day with mostly wordless worship offered to Him. We’ll likely do a silent, traditionally focused ritual that will end in our seclusion in various parts of the house, so that we can concentrate without being distracted by one another. As I’ll still have much to do, I will probably end up in the kitchen, communing with Apollon while I prepare a nice grounding meal for everyone. I’ll have my daughter serve Apollon first, at the altar.

Day nine is for the procession, and we will carry offerings from the indoor altar to the outdoor altar by way of walking through and around the house and property. We will have prepared several new offerings to give to Apollon, via the ritual fire, where we will burn them to ash, so that he may receive them on Olympos. We will say closing prayers of thanks to Him, His Mother and Sister, and we will have one final meal together as the offerings burn.


And that’s it. We will have celebrated the Aegletia for another year.  I certainly hope everyone who decides to join us, whether we ever know it, has a wonderful, thought-provoking celebration which brings you all closer to Apollon, His Family, and to your own families, as well.  May we all shine with His inner light.  Blessed Aegletia to you all.

— Columbine

The Aegletia: Nine Illuminations

Begins October 1st, and lasts through October 9th

Welcome, friends!  This is the announcement for the Treasury of Apollon’s third annual celebration of the Aegletia, a modern festival in honor of Apollon as Aegletes, the Bright or Gleaming One, before His departure to Hyperborea in the Winter!

Previously, the festival was known simply as the festival of nine days, but now, after extensive thought, divination and discussion, we have settled on a name, as well as the basic outline for celebration and contemplation.

The overall theme that has persisted throughout these (nearly) three years, and continues to persist for this year’s celebration, is coming to grips with Apollon’s eventual and necessary leaving of this world during the Winter. We can each approach His absence in a variety of ways, but the purpose of the Aegletia itself is to assist in our unique illumination of the bonds we share with Him. Each of the nine days is meant to guide us through a particular modality of His power and being.

Day 1 – Preparation and purification/spent alone in meditation

Day 2 – His arrival at the festival and in our homes/personal celebration between Apollon and each bride, devotee or celebrant

Day 3 – Celebrating Artemis and the unbreakable bond between the Twins/celebrating the freedom of being His

Day 4 – Celebrating Leto and the ferocious spirit the Twins have inherited from Her/acknowledging risk, danger, fear, and the unknown existing within the liminal

Day 5 – Celebrating the awareness of life as the danger passes/celebrating the world in all its splendor, truth and ugliness/abstinence from lying

Day 6 – Exploration of the illuminated world/ritual, art and celebrations with dance and music, as well as competitive games and sacred theater

Day 7 – Celebration of the Treasury as Apollon’s extended mortal family, as well as a safe community of brides and devotees/proclamations of love, ecstatic ritual and prayer, and oracular trance/family oriented celebrations

Day 8 – Calming and quieting, resting with the knowledge and insights gained from the previous days/meditating on connections established between us, by our Lord, and connections we’ve established with all things that love His light

Day 9 – The Procession and farewell to Him as He goes off to Hyperborea/intricate or long-planned offerings for His departure to burn in honor of Him

The Aegletia is designed so that anyone may participate from the comfort of their own home or ritual space, while also eluding to a time when the Treasury exists as a physical space wherein Sisters and the outer circle gather to celebrate together for the full nine days. This is the future we see and hope for. We believe there is plenty of room for each of us to personalize our celebrations while remaining within the overarching theme of accepting Him and His influence, reveling in His nature, the light and the world, and accepting His departure while maintaining the certainly that He will return to us in the spring.

So, be welcomed into our celebration, if you will, and join us as we experience His purifying light, illuminating us all from within!

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