He Approaches

It has begun.  There is little time left.  The Lord, our Apollon, approaches from the North.  With Him, He brings His lust for the things of life denied Him these past Winter months.  His mood is jovial– and mischievous.  Now will He come home to the many spaces prepared for Him, in His long journey, by those whose love and commitment is a soothing balm of comfort, fit for our Bright, Illustrious Prince.

I have seen the first blooms, opened wide to the Sun’s rays.  Their heady scent now wafts upon the winds, to lure, and to renew life.  As they lure the small wild things, including the wildness in our hearts, they lure Him, also. He approaches, our Apollon.  From the North He approaches, bearing the weight of His happiness to return to our world.  So we must smooth the transition, and prepare.  Soon, we shall receive our Lord and Prince, once again.

Tidy your affairs, mortals, so you may greet Him shorn of the distractions of mundane, or other spiritual life.  Prepare, for He is coming home to the many hearths and hearts which await Him, proudly and eagerly.  Our Apollon, reigning over us in benevolence, approaches now in His Shining Chariot.  As He nears, the sting of Winter abates, and we, along with all life, are compelled to celebrate the creative and procreative arts, which He governs.

— Columbine


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About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

3 responses to “He Approaches”

  1. Sunweaver says :

    He’s home! He’s here! He’s home!!

    • Columbine says :

      Has He reached you already? Yay! As the weeks go on, He will grace us all with His presence, which we have so longed for! ❤

      • jessofthebugs says :

        I welcomed him back the morning after we had our New Year of the Trees celebration and His return was very soft and warm. I have a ritual I wrote for His return, which I’d done as the other half of His departure ritual before I started the Aegletia at our house. I still like it. I just need to make a few edits for a small family worship so that everyone can participate.

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