Find Me

Find Me in the sounds of the sea, in the melody of the birds singing, and in the peace and stillness teetering upon the edge of My Crown.  I am a calm fury.  I have a strict discipline.  In Me, find the very image of your fear and claim it as one would claim their reflection.  When you own your fear, set it down.

Find Me in the height of the noon sun, bearing down on you in My relentlessness.  I warm your tepid skin by My unremitting reality, as that same reality burns into weak surfaces, peeling away the layers underneath.

Find Me in the pulse of your bodies’ movement, in the deep, stirring, ripening pit of self-actualization.  In your gut.  In action.  In the evidence of your lives, lived in vitality, and in truth.

Find Me in the breath penetrating your lungs, for I breathe love into you every day.  I am a gentle rain.  I have a cleansing touch.  In Me, be reminded of the sacredness of the journey, for I have walked many roads; done, seen and been many things, finding success in each because I have mastered My fear.

Follow Me.  Follow My example, and you will find Me here, on the pale, serpentine roads of destiny.



About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

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