Sunweaver’s Aegletia Ritual

Here is the ritual format followed by many of the Treasury’s Sisters last year, shared for all who may wish to celebrate with us this time. The Aegletia begins October 1st, and ends October 9th.


Sunweaver’s Aegletia Ritual, with contributions by Columbine


[First Night]

Hestia, who tends the holy house of Lord Apollon, the Far-Shooter of Pytho, welcome to this house. May this place be made holy, as were the temples of old, with our work and your love.


Blessed are the Gods of Olympos, Immortal Twelve, who have brought us to this moment. May our joy sustain us through the coming season.


[Every Night]



Blessed are You, Apollon, light of this world



May we be kept within Your reach
Always striving to seek what is right
And what is good among all life situations



Blessed are You, Apollon, gleaming in the distance



May Your trail illuminate the ways
That we may follow You
Even as the dark begins its reign



Blessed are You, Apollon, wolf of twilight



May we never run fearfully from Your howl
Which is the precursor to Your embrace
And a warning to the many who cross Your path



Blessed are You, Apollon, perched upon a high throne



May we bask in Your radiance, yearning to honor You
In action, as well as speech
For You are the arbiter of peace and righteousness



Blessed are You, Apollon, our Lord, our King



Riding on the winds, holding sway over the Seasons
May we know You as intimately as the soil knows the rain
And may we dance to the melody of Your lyre, in Winter, once again


[Host lights the candle(s)]



[First Night]

We have come to the First Illumination: Purification. This light, from which all others will be lit, represents the purity of the Son of Leto. We have made our home a temple and we await Apollo Aegletes, He who Illuminates.


[Second Night]

We have come to the Second Illumination: Arrival. This light represents Apollon’s presence in our lives. Though we may not always see the flame, it still yet burns.


[Third Night]

We have come to the Third Illumination: Artemis. This light represents the everlasting warmth between Leto’s children: a bond that will never be broken.


[Fourth Night]

We have come to the Fourth Illumination: Leto. This light represents the indomitable Holy Mother from whom the blessed Twins inherited their fiery spirit.


[Fifth Night]

We have come to the Fifth Illumination: Awareness. This light represents the world as it is and not as it is imagined to be. Apollo’s light is truth.


[Sixth Night]

We have come to the Sixth Illumination: Beauty. This light represents the illuminated world, made brighter with art, music, theater, dance, and games.


[Seventh Night]

We have come to the Seventh Illumination: Fellowship. This light represents those who worship Apollon who, though we may be distant from one another, are brought together by our mutual love of our Lord.


[Eighth Night]

We have come to the Eighth Illumination: Quietude. This light represents the insights that will continue to grow as we cultivate a quiet mind, giving space within ourselves for Apollon’s gifts.


[Ninth Night]

We have come to the Ninth Illumination: Farewell. This light represents all that we will carry with us through the winter’s dark and Apollon’s absence as he rests in Hyperborea. We say farewell in gladness and joy, for He has left us with many blessings.  



Hail to Apollo Aegletes! So say we all!



So say we all!


9 thoughts on “Sunweaver’s Aegletia Ritual

      1. I have to improvise on some points because it would sound stupid in German if I translate it word by word. I want to keep the poetic nature of the texts, so I hope you both don’t mind. It will not take effect on the meaning of the words.

      2. When you finish, do you mind posting the translation here as well, as a separate article? The more languages available in one place, the better for everyone, I think. Also, translation is tricky. I have no problem with changes. Thank you, Sister!

    1. Happy Aegletia! I’m tickled about the translation into German and can’t wait to see it. It’s comforting to know there are at least two other people saying the words and lighting the candles with me. It feels less lonely, even though it’s just me and my two girls at home.

      I keep thinking, though, that what this holiday needs is special foods– maybe lots of apples and sweet potatoes, possibly eggplant. All of those are in season here. I’m also considering handing out soap and handknit washcloths for the first day next year. I’m also considering giving underpants to children (there’s a story there involving what my day was like today).

      1. LOL Tell us about the underpants! And I love the idea of special foods! Maybe next year for me. Having just moved (I’m not finished yet) I have no motivation to be that fancy this time around. 😛

  1. My eldest explained to me how she had zero underpants to wear and a slightly hilarious discussion followed, complete with recognition that it was Purification night. Therefore, in the tradition of our people that I shall commence with next year, underwear is an appropriate gift for Aegletia 1.

    Today, I helped her learn how to use her planner, which was… enlightening. Our Lord showed me some things she might want to discuss with her gifted ed. teacher.

    Remind me that we need to write a welcome home counterpoint to this one.

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