Take My Heart

Take my heart
Make it pliable, open and receptive
able to flow with its inherent nature of
Unconditional Love
Make it fluid and resilient
Let it be the strongest voice in my being
Let it penetrate where the thickness and density of the world
and my own emotional wounds
Throw up smoke screens
Obscuring its fierce and bright force

Open my eyes
Clear my vision
Make me aware of how my thoughts and words and deeds
Affect the whole and those closest to me
Keep me vigilant in my self-awareness
That I may not get lost in distraction, stupidity
Or self-absorption to the degree that I cause harm in the world
Ground me firmly in that meditative state where I can hear
the silence talking

Open my mind
That I may be curious and flexible in my thought patterns
Teachable and not calcifying as I grow older
But young and fresh and vibrant as I was in my youth
Ever ready for a new lesson a new understanding a new way of being
Grant me the ability to communicate well and listen even better

Open my Spirit to receive You when You have work for me
as a Healer or a Poet or a Messenger or Teacher
Whatever you call me for
According to the current need
Teach me patience when I am not needed
when the times call for still reflection and non-action
in the fallow times when wisdom would have me wait

Teach me to attend to that which is core to living in harmony
With the will that co-creates reality each precious moment.

This is my prayer and my intent.


— Christine Berger (Nerthuschild) [Aegletia, Day 5]


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About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

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