Upcoming Healing Prayer Dates

The Treasury’s first open event for our monthly healing prayers to Apollon was very successful.  And although we do not plan to hold an event for every month’s prayer session, please be assured that the Sisters of the Treasury will continue keeping the prayer chain alive, both for our Sisterhood and for our wider communities.

As it was last month, and as it shall be going forward, all interested persons are invited to join in the prayer chain, for the healing of ourselves and our communities.

Link to a few of our healing prayers: https://treasuryofapollon.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/prayers-of-healing/

All prayer dates are for the 21st day of each lunar month.

Upcoming dates:

*September 22, 2016, at sunset, local time

October 22, 2016, at sunset, local time

November 20, 2016, at sunset, local time

December 20, 2016, at sunset, local time

*September 22 is also the Autumnal Equinox, and as such, is when the Treasury recognizes the Departure of Apollon and the prelude to Aegletia.


Prayers are NOT to be directed toward specific persons, UNLESS THEY HAVE CONSENTED to prayers on their behalf.

Participants are encouraged to pray for whatever healing they, or CONSENTING loved ones need (excepting minor children or dependants– discretion lies with parents or guardians), be it physical/medical, mental, emotional, etc.

Prayers ARE to be directed toward closing existing rifts within the spheres of the public Polytheist and/or Pagan communities. This includes local, statewide, national, or online communities.

Prayers should ONLY be directed toward communities that participants are ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN.

ALL prayers should be addressed to the Lord Apollon, or to Apollon and Asklepios, as the case may be for medical intervention.


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