All Treasury Festival Dates, 2016/2017

In anticipation of the next Treasury Year, here are our festivals, listed and dated accordingly.

— Columbine


Sisters and associates, below are the calendar dates for the upcoming year’s major Treasury festivals.  Underlined are the names of each Treasury Month followed by its corresponding number in parentheses.  Next, are that month’s Noumenia and Deipnon dates, according to the Julian calendar. Bullet points are for the major festivals celebrated in a particular month, followed by its day within that month.  As always, all celebrations are optional, though encouraged. This information may be updated at any time.

Perihelios (I) – Dec. 30-Jan. 28

Prostaterias (II) – Jan. 29-Feb. 26

Daphneion (III) – Feb. 27-Mar. 28

  • Stepteria: Crowning and Purification of Apollon after defeating Delphyne [7th]
  • Ktistêsia: Founding Anniversary and Purification of Altars [9th]
  • Daphnaea: Consummation of Daphne and Purification of Priestesses [20th]
  • Sminthia [Vernal Equinox]
  • Daphnephoria: Parade of the Purified Apollon [29th]

Theoxenion (IV) – Mar. 29-Apr. 26

Pytheion (V) – Apr. 27-May 25

Batrachion (VI) – May 26-Jun. 24

  • Batrachia: Festival of Frogs [7th]
  • Anointing of Apollon at Xanthos [9th]
  • Hyakinthia [Full Moon]
  • Pyrophoria [Summer Solstice]

Pyrophorion (VII) – Jun. 25-Jul. 23

  • Aphelion [9th]
  • Lykaea [20th]

Karneion (VIII) – Jul. 24-Aug. 21

  • Metageitnia [7th]
  • Karneia [Full Moon]

Agetoreios (IX) – Aug. 22-Sep. 20

Lykeion (X) – 

  • No Intercalary Month of Lykeion

Aegletion (XI) – Sep. 21-Oct. 19

  • Departure of Apollon [Autumnal Equinox]
  • Pyanepsia: Thanksgiving to the Departed King [7th]
  • The Aegletia: Nine Illuminations [From Aegletion 11 to Aegletion 19]

Telchinion (XII) – Oct. 20-Nov. 18

  • There are no major festivals within this month

Hyperboraios (XIII) – Nov. 19-Dec. 18

  • Hyperboralia: Festival of Lights [7th]