All Treasury Festival Dates, 2016/2017

In anticipation of the next Treasury Year, here are our festivals, listed and dated accordingly.

— Columbine


Sisters and associates, below are the calendar dates for the upcoming year’s major Treasury festivals.  Underlined are the names of each Treasury Month followed by its corresponding number in parentheses.  Next, are that month’s Noumenia and Deipnon dates, according to the Julian calendar. Bullet points are for the major festivals celebrated in a particular month, followed by its day within that month.  As always, all celebrations are optional, though encouraged. This information may be updated at any time.

Perihelios (I) – Dec. 30-Jan. 28

Prostaterias (II) – Jan. 29-Feb. 26

Daphneion (III) – Feb. 27-Mar. 28

  • Stepteria: Crowning and Purification of Apollon after defeating Delphyne [7th]
  • Ktistêsia: Founding Anniversary and Purification of Altars [9th]
  • Daphnaea: Consummation of Daphne and Purification of Priestesses [20th]
  • Sminthia [Vernal Equinox]
  • Daphnephoria: Parade of the Purified Apollon [29th]

Theoxenion (IV) – Mar. 29-Apr. 26

Pytheion (V) – Apr. 27-May 25

Batrachion (VI) – May 26-Jun. 24

  • Batrachia: Festival of Frogs [7th]
  • Anointing of Apollon at Xanthos [9th]
  • Hyakinthia [Full Moon]
  • Pyrophoria [Summer Solstice]

Pyrophorion (VII) – Jun. 25-Jul. 23

  • Aphelion [9th]
  • Lykaea [20th]

Karneion (VIII) – Jul. 24-Aug. 21

  • Metageitnia [7th]
  • Karneia [Full Moon]

Agetoreios (IX) – Aug. 22-Sep. 20

Lykeion (X) – 

  • No Intercalary Month of Lykeion

Aegletion (XI) – Sep. 21-Oct. 19

  • Departure of Apollon [Autumnal Equinox]
  • Pyanepsia: Thanksgiving to the Departed King [7th]
  • The Aegletia: Nine Illuminations [From Aegletion 11 to Aegletion 19]

Telchinion (XII) – Oct. 20-Nov. 18

  • There are no major festivals within this month

Hyperboraios (XIII) – Nov. 19-Dec. 18

  • Hyperboralia: Festival of Lights [7th]

12 thoughts on “All Treasury Festival Dates, 2016/2017

  1. Hey.

    How do you calculate the months? And where did you get the names? I searched and didn’t find anything, like if I search about the Attic/Athenian calendar.

    I see that the names of the months are related to Apollo’s worship. I’d like to know where did you get this information, because I would like to learn more on ancient greek calendars. I’m trying to find the right one for my path with Apollo.

    Thank you.

    1. The Treasury’s calendar dates are calculated using the lunar months, from Noumenia (first sliver of the new moon) to Deipnon (the dark moon), as is traditional with most of the ancient Hellenic calendar systems. Half of our festivals are historic, the other half are modern. The names we’ve chosen for our months are based on our worship of Apollon through His various epithets, and by what festivals are prominent within the month. We do not follow an ancient calendar, such as the Attic calendar, because although it is the most well known of the ancient Hellenic calendars, it was never the definitive calendar of the entire region. Each city-state had its own calendar, which focused on what festivals were relevant to the populace of each, such as the Doric/Spartan calendar, or the Boeotian calendar. These were separate from the Attic calendar, and we were inspired to create our own by this ancient precedence. Also, we have positioned the New Year on our calendar as falling on the first Noumenia nearest the Winter Solstice, whereas the Attic calendar’s New Year fall on the first Noumenia after the Summer Solstice. It was always important for us, as a Sisterhood, to craft a calendar that was relevant to us, rather than be tied to a calendar that has no relevance to us, in our locations.

      The following is a list of the historic festivals on our calendar. As such, you should be able to find some information on most of them, if you look:

      Anointing of Apollon at Xanthos
      The Departure of Apollon

      All others are our modern creations for our traditions, which fill in the gaps for us as individuals, and as a Sisterhood.

      Apollon has other historic festivals which are not placed on our calendar, not because we do not celebrate them at all, but because we don’t celebrate them with the same consistency as the others.

      I hope this helps, and good luck.

      1. Thank you so much. I loved the way you explained this.

        I was wondering if I could use your calendar, for my own use. I just started this path with Apollo/n, and I’d like to introduce his festivals.

        Hmm I was also wondering if you have some group or page or anywhere you/we could talk about experiences and things related to Apollo/n. If so I would like to join, although I am a male and you go by sisterhood. In any case, if you do have somewhat like that or if this would be the function of the blog, tell me please.

        Anyway, thank you so much and I wnated to say that I love to see a resourceful blog about Apollo/n.

      2. By all means, use our calendar as is, or alter it to fit your unique path with Him. This is why we post it publicly. It is meant to be a resource and an inspiration to all of His people, regardless of whether they have joined our Sisterhood.

        We have a community page on Facebook, where all are welcome to share and discuss, although it is public, and has thus far been used mostly as an announcement platform for the Sisterhood. But feel free to join and post what you like, and discuss with the Sisters and supporters of the Treasury.

        In the future, if there is more of an interest, we may create a closed group for such discussions, to keep them protected from the public.

        It is nice to meet you. Good luck, and many blessings on your path with Apollon. 🙂

      3. Thank you so much, again. And nice to meet you too.

        So, I created a blog here to share my experiences with Apollo/n. It will be more of like a journal or something for organizing information haha But if you want to see (or if I have something wrong, help is always appreciated):

      4. Hey again!

        I wanted to know some more things haha. How do you know when the Lykeion intercalary month exists? And how many days would this month have? How do you calculate this month?

        The days of the festivals (between []) are fixed right? For example, the Karneia would always be in the full moon of the month Karneion and the Boedromia would always be on the seventh of Agetoreios, right? (So the Departure of Apollon will always be on the Autumnal Equinox) If not, please correct me.

        Would you update the calendar every new year?

      5. Okay, so, are you familiar with the months of Poseidon and Poseidon II on the Attic calendar? Poseidon II is an intercalary month, which is brought in every other year or so to bring the lunar calendar in alignment with the solar cycle, because in any given year, there may be twelve lunar months, or there may be thirteen. The intercalary month’s placement also serves to ensure that the fixed dates on the calendar happen when they are supposed to. Lykeion serves the same function in the Treasury’s calendar system.

        For instance, our New Year is calculated based on the date of the Winter Solstice. It begins each year on the Noumenia closest to that astronomical event. The Departure of Apollon is also a fixed astronomical event (the Autumnal Equinox), while our most important festival, the Aegletia, always occurs *after* the Autumnal Equinox, but is a fixed set of dates on the solar aligned Julian calendar (October 1-9), as opposed to the lunar calendar. In order to ensure that the Aegletia occurs (mostly) within the month of Aegletion and also aligns loosely with October, the intercalary month of Lykeion must be placed before Aegletion, but after Agetoreios.

        These kinds of additions also occur within the Julian calendar. Every four years, a day is added to the month of February (Leap Day), in order to realign the calendar with the solar cycle. The intercalary month works on the same principle.

        To your other question, all of the dates are fixed, either within the Treasury month they occur (ex: Boedromia on the seventh of Agetoreios), or fixed to a specific astronomical event (ex: Sminthia on the Vernal Equinox; Karneia on the full moon of Karneion), *or* they are fixed to a date or set of dates on the Julian calendar, which means they float from year to year on the Treasury’s calendar. Examples of floating festivals are Ktistêsia (always March 7) and Aegletia (always October 1-9).

        And yes, the calendar will be updated each year, sometime before the New Year.

        I hope this wasn’t too confusing.

      6. I understanded everything haha. I just have some more questions. In the Julian calendar every four years there is the day 29 in February. And in the ancient greek calendars there is a month right? And it is from what time to time? And when is the next intercalary month (in which year)? And this month would have the days from noumenia to the dark moon, such as the other months, am I right?

      7. On the Attic calendar, if the intercalary month is present, it will always be after the month of Poseidon, and before the month of Gamelion. The name of the intercalary month in the Attic calendar is Poseidon II. You will have to check with someone who follows the Attic calendar to find out when and if Poseidon II occurs in any given year. I don’t follow that calendar.

        As for when Lykeion occurs within the Treasury’s calendar during a particular year, you will have to wait until I do the calculations and post the new calendar for the next year. I won’t know for sure until I do that, and I won’t be doing that until November.

        When following the lunar cycle, the month always begins with the Noumenia, and ends with the Deipnon (Dark Moon). The number of days in each month varies from month to month.

      8. Thank you so much haha now I get it haha. I was asking because first I was with curiosity because in the Julian there is an intercalary day and not a month. Second it was for me to know how to calculate each year haha

        Is there any festivals in Lykeion?

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