The Meaning of Our Banner


Yesterday, our Sisterhood was asked to explain the symbolism of our banner. We thought we would post our response here, as well.

The Treasury of Apollon’s banner has many meanings, layered upon one another. Not all of them are open for public discussion. What can be disclosed, will be disclosed.

Firstly, the lambda represents certain aspects of Apollon that we have come to know, those that we have forged a deep connection and commitment to, those that are most often understood more in the context of their harshness.

The Apollon who punishes Telphusa and slays the Python; He who pursues Daphne, and He who slays Koronis. We could go on with the names of those who have met their fate at His hand. These parts of Him are feared, rightly, and yet that fear can cloud one’s vision. We who know Him intimately, sometimes see glimpses of what some others may not. And in our love of Him, we choose to inform, and to dispel misunderstanding, to the best of our ability, and with openness and kindness, and acknowledgement of those who have come before.

In short, the lambda is the truth that is obscured, that which we might see as our doom, rather than the balm which soothes us in our despair or pain, which it might very well be.

It is also our hope to bring these, and other aspects of Apollon, into various degrees of manifestation, be they upon the shrines and altars of our Sisterhood, or those of anyone who chooses to utilize our small contributions toward His glory. And we have greater plans, of course.

The nine-pointed star, aside from nine being a number of import to our Lord, has many meanings in this context. What we can tell you, is of the beauty, symmetry, and motion of the Kosmos it represents (which turns like a wheel). This, for us, is as the struggle of our lives, always striving to be as He would prefer– as He would mold us– even with our ups and downs. There is more, but that is for the Sisterhood, and only relevant to the Sisterhood.

Finally, the Ouroboros. This has a straight forward meaning here: All things encompassed by wisdom, unhindered by change. The fangs that could lash out are instead tucked away, unbothered, and busied by responsibility. The Ouroboros is Apollon, who encompasses us, who protects us, and who guides us.

We hope this was enough to satisfy everyone’s curiosity. Thank you so much for all your interest, and for following our blog!

— Treasury of Apollon