Noumenia of Hyperboraios, 2019

**Oracular Forecast – Seventh Year of the Treasury – Hyperboraios (XIII), 2019

Hyperboraios (XIII) – Nov. 27-Dec. 26, 2019

(Γ) Gamma, (Σ) Sigma, (Z) Zeta

All that we do will be remembered.  We need not worry about how we will fare at the end of things, for our harvest will be ripe and bountiful, and all that we deserve.  When encountering hardship, or a simple impasse, make no drastic moves, and hold ourselves with composure.  The Bright One will shine upon all, leaving falsehood open, and vulnerable to the Light of Truth.  Do not turn away from the maelstrom upcoming.  Stand without fear, knowing that justice is our soft shore.  In flight, we may be struck down.  It is better to withstand, and survive.

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**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.