Noumenia of Prostaterias, 2020

**Oracular Forecast – Eighth Year of the Treasury – Prostaterias (II), 2020

Prostaterias (II) Jan. 24 – Feb. 24, 2020

(Π) Pi, (Ξ) Xi, (B) Beta

Every step brings us closer to our end result, that which we have studied and striven for.  Never cease striving.  Weigh also the cost of pouring resources, whether tangible or intangible, into areas which never lead to a return on the initial investment.  Be honest about whether or not we can, or even want to repair whatever may be broken.  Perhaps it is best to be rid of the thing that hinders or harms.  Again, Pythios declares His assistance, and we are expected to uphold and fulfill our promises.

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**All Oracular Forecasts are divined twice a year, on Aegletia 7, and Ktistêsia.