We Remember

O Lord of the many paths
We remember You
O Lord of the flirtatious wind
We remember You
O Lord of shining smiles who lures all eyes in His direction
We remember You


Apollon, God of temperamental thought
Apollon, Prince of disciplined action
Apollon of the way that is both light and dark
We remember You


O Lord of deepest ambition
We remember You
O Lord of swift motivation
We remember You
O Lord of the true example of Will made manifest
We remember You


Apollon, harbinger of change
Apollon, bringer of storms
Apollon who directs us in each new endeavor
We remember You


O Lord of what lies between
We remember You
O Lord of that which is untouchable
We remember You
O Lord of the sacred and cleanser of the profane
We remember You


Apollon, God of ambiguous oracles
Apollon, God of the poet’s tongue
Apollon of the arts of sound and movement
We remember You


O Lord of skill unequaled
We remember You
O Lord whose love is unrivaled
We remember You
O Lord who embraces fully the truth of our natures
We remember You


Apollon, teacher of difficult lessons
Apollon, restorer of troubled souls
Apollon who dispenses clarity in forms both desired and unwanted
We remember You


— Columbine, 7/14/2016


Litany of Return

Where is the Essence of Light?
He has withdrawn.
Where is the Burning Prince?
He has gone away.
Where is the Keeper of Hearts?
He has ascended toward the Stars’ Canopy.

Where is He, our Lord and Beloved?
He has gone to Master Himself.
Why has He ripped our hearts in half?
Because emptiness can later be refilled.
When will we again feel His binding grip?
In the first stirrings of Spring.

Why must we endure this cruelty?
Yearning must be taken in its proper place.
If we call to Him, will He answer?
We can not circumvent His withdrawal from this world.
Must our hearts die, like so many glowing embers?
Know the secret, which was hitherto, never spoken.

Why must we now be separate?
He does not withdraw from our hearts.
When will we be made whole again?
For if ours are torn in half, so too is His.
When will He return to us?
When the Earth stirs, and our stomping covers the land.

So, we must stand together?
In a circle, for it is strongest.
And we shall be a wall?
Impervious to the fluctuations of wayward emotion.
Even in the depths of Winter?
Even then, in the deep darkness, we find our purpose.

— Columbine [Day 2]