Our Tradition, Our Mission

The Treasury Tradition is a part of the Revivalist movement within Polytheism, and as such, we are concerned with the living vibrancy of our faith, love and worship toward our Lord Apollon, and Those close to Him.  We affirm the Individual natures of the Gods we honor and we affirm that They, specifically Apollon, have chosen to guide and shape the creation and maintenance of our Rites and Mysteries.

We stand upon the foundational body of work which has survived through the ages, and upon also the diligence of those tasked with reconstructing that body of work into a comprehensible form of myth and ritual.  We do not stand alone in our accomplishments. Many have come before us to do the work, and many will come after us to continue it.  We, the Sisters of the Treasury, are extremely grateful for their hard work and scholarly excellence.

Our task as Apollonian women, and as Sisters of His Treasury, is to promote Him and His concerns, to offer rites of purification and others to His people, to establish and keep His connection to this Earth, both through our individual works and through our collective efforts as a religious movement.  In this, our priorities are to first lay the groundwork for living temples and other infrastructure to be built upon the lands in which we dwell, in the honor and reverence of our Lord, Apollon.

These are lofty goals, which we admit will be accomplished only over the long term, through focus, perseverance and steadfast commitment to the cause.  In order to achieve our Lord’s desire, which is given to us as the establishment of His houses of worship, both within the body of His followers and upon the Earth, we are resolved to craft new Rites, and to reveal new Mysteries as they are revealed to us, by our Lord and/or His Divine Associates.

For the purpose of fulfilling our Lord’s desire, we understand, accept and encourage the vibrant living practices of Apollonians and Hellenic/Roman or Other Polytheists everywhere.  The Treasury Tradition does not seek to replace or alter any spiritual or religious practices of our Sisters or supporters, as our Tradition seeks merely to expand individual and collective knowledge, and love, for our Lord Apollon. The Rites and Mysteries of the Treasury can be practiced as whole unto themselves, or may instead add another layer of depth to an already established religious practice.

Though we utilize the internet as a means of sharing our goals, for connecting with one another and with Apollonians and Polytheists from a wide variety of places and perspectives, and for spreading knowledge of our Lord, we do not overlook our true and intended purpose of establishing permanent worship houses and festivals in His honor, upon the lands and populations of the Earth.

In this goal, we acknowledge that our Rites must be evolutionary, and thus able to administer to living populations as we find them, while remaining resistant to stagnation and rote traditionalism.  The Treasury of Apollon is resolved to accept and embrace change, for change is the one constant in this ever-shifting world.

We are the Sisters of the Treasury of Apollon, and we have come in this time to do our Lord’s will, and to live within the sphere of His influence in all matters, spiritual and temporal.

Hail always to Apollon, our Lord, Prince and King!


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