Words from the Devoted

“He places His women upon a pedastal, and showers them with love.  But it is an uncompromising love, a love which expects the best and shuns all pretense or illusion.  He will lavish us with the things that we desire, and expects the absolute fulfillment of His desire in return.  Our needs and desires feed into His, and we are caught, bound, forever ensnared by Him, our Benevolent Lord.”  —  Columbine

“On Apollon being encouraging… I confess I was not expecting that side of Him. When I started asking to His devotees about all I could, I was intrigued (and a bit scared) when one defined Him as ‘merciless to your illusions, fears, weaknesses’. I think He is – at one time He gave me a truth about myself that has both sucker-punched me and freed me. But right as I was also told, He can be very gentle when needed. It’s still a bit strange for me, to find Him encouraging me to be both frivolous and wise, proud along with humble, but it’s beautiful.”  —  Seastruck

“I think as long as you approach Apollon with a humble heart and with deep respect, that you can work through most anything. Even if you make mistakes, or are unsure which direction to go, I think He will guide you along to what is best for you.  It’s His encouragement that really just has me awestruck. No matter how much I have screwed up, made mistakes, or made poor choices, He hasn’t given up on me. No matter what deep darkness I put myself in, He is always there, shining and brilliant.  Everything about Him just has me speechless…  He’s that awesome!”  —  Bernice

“I had been trying to get a handle on everything for a long while, but it wasn’t until I met Apollon that things finally began to click. It’s a slow process, but I’m already feeling so much better. From major depression and anxiety to feeling like I might actually have a future. I’m so grateful to Him for all of it. Especially when He’s stern and snaps me out of my funks with only a couple words.  Still working on the insight and intuition part though.  But I feel like this getting healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally is something that’s really important to even begin a good relationship with Him.”  —  Atalanta


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