Who We Are

The Treasury of Apollon is a consensus-based Sisterhood dedicated to the Olympian Deity, Apollon (Apollo/Apulu). The Sisterhood was formed in March of 2012 and has sustained each of its members in different ways over the years.

We promote reverence for Apollon, in any of His manifestations, either known historically or in modern times, which may or may not include acknowledgment or reverence of additional Deities in connection with Apollon, through association, lore or doxa.

We encourage connection with Apollon foremost, and will not discourage Polytheistic, Henotheistic or Syncretic approaches to His reverence within our Sisterhood, or within our wider membership.

In addition to being a safe space for our Sisters to share and discuss our experiences with Apollon, we have compiled a detailed calendar for our use in celebrating our holy days together. We also have a monthly prayer day when we come together to offer healing to one another, and to others upon request.

One of the many goals of our Sisterhood is to establish a convent/honeybee sanctuary, where we may build our Tradition in Apollon’s honor, unobstructed by the world, and those who would claim authority over us. We are but one organization of Apollon’s women. We are not Apollon’s only women, and would never claim to be. The only prerequisite to inner circle membership, or Sisterhood, within the Treasury, is that all individuals must be self-identified Apollon’s women.

We believe in the equality of our Sisterhood, regardless of the outward or inward expressions of each individual’s relationship with Apollon. Therefore, women may be brides, lovers, sisters, daughters, disciples, knights, priestesses, or any number of additional titles in their personal lives with Apollon, but all will be known and referred to as Sisters of the Treasury.

The Treasury consists of an inner circle and an outer circle. The outer circle is formed by the associates and supporters of the Treasury, with no gender exclusions. The outer circle shall not be denied Treasury teachings, but also shall not be privy to certain closed Rites of the Sisterhood. The Treasury will not judge the inclusion of potential members [inner or outer] by any genealogical [ethnic], physical, geographical, or social standard.

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