Preparation: Day 1 – Words of Apollon

Sigma, Kappa, Omega, Xi


“Wait for Me, for I am coming.  The land pulses with the change of seasons and soon I will leave this world.  But I will not abandon you, My darlings.  Rejoice now, for I am coming to share My splendid glory with you for the these nine days.

“Fret not, and know that I can not be persuaded to remain here.  The winter is long and arduous, and My leave can not be avoided.  Though I will soon embark upon the journey, I am coming now to comfort you.

“Difficulties build the character of my beloveds, so endure what is difficult, grow and change with the oncoming storm.  The rain, though it may be dreary, is essential.  The snow, though it may freeze the land, also prepares it for new life in the spring.  So do I prepare you for My return.  For without absence, none may appreciate attachment.

“And if still you are angered by my leaving, know that the wretched emotion will color your thoughts and actions for weeks to come.  If you would share beauty with Me for Aegletia, you must first be beautiful, cultivating it in your heart and in your soul.

“Take solace, My loves.  I am coming.  So, prepare.”

— Apollon (Transcribed by Columbine) [Aegletia, Day 1]


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About Columbine

Bride of Apollon, accompanying her Beloved across the wave of existence.

2 responses to “Preparation: Day 1 – Words of Apollon”

  1. Christine Lape Berger says :

    Response to Apollon’s Words 10-01-16

    Last week, when it first hit me that Your presence
    Would be lessened, as it is every year
    I wept before your altar like a broken hearted child

    Shortly thereafter I ordered special candles
    and Yours was the first one I needed
    When I lit it there was a fire that caught
    as the first breath of day arises consciously
    when we awaken
    and I knew You never truly leave
    Because You live inside my heart

    I am learning these days
    to practice relaxing into my lessons
    sometimes they come like a flock of birds
    and I seek to take shelter from their onslaught
    But if I can breathe into it and slow my oh so human reactions
    I can see that the opportunities they drop into my lap
    are ways for me to grow and be more the Priestess I long to be
    How else would I survive in a world that sometimes seems so heartless?
    That flame in my heart must be kept alive
    even when it goes through the stages of being banked

    Yesterday on my walk I had a moment of pure joy
    and I always think of the crows as Your messengers
    There are a lot of oak trees in the wealthy neighborhood
    I walk through on my break from work
    and it was a very windy day
    the crows in their wisdom
    could see that the acorns were being tossed off the trees
    I could hear them hitting the fences below
    and such a glorious murder of crows filling two huge trees
    I stopped to watch them feast
    and then I walked slowly as to not disturb them
    Yet they flew into the trees cawing at me as they waited
    to resume feeding.

    When the light of the sun waxes
    I often feel carried and supported
    the lessons like jeweled gifts that fall into my open heart and mind
    when it wanes, then I am reminded to process, integrate and make practical use
    of all I have been given in that cycle
    so that the lessons become part of me and can be used
    in my daily work in the world
    that truly is a cause of joy and celebration

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