Blessed Aegletia, Sisters!

I love all of you ladies, so much. Let us usher in the seventh Aegletia, of this sixth year of the Treasury, with joy and pride in our accomplishments.

The first Aegletia occurred five months before the formation of the Treasury, thus its celebration was the prelude to our Sisterhood, and is acknowledged as one of our most important festivals.

So, Sisters, let us begin again, with this feeling of love and perseverance among us.

Even as our Lord traverses the world during His flight North, we will welcome and honor Him in our hearts and homes. We will bring Him joy at the end of one Season, and the beginning of the next. And our Lord will return our joy tenfold, come Spring.

Peace and Love to you, my Sisters. Love and Praise, always, to Apollon!

— Columbine [Aegletia, Day 1, 2018]


Preparation: Day 1 – Words of Apollon

Sigma, Kappa, Omega, Xi


“Wait for Me, for I am coming.  The land pulses with the change of seasons and soon I will leave this world.  But I will not abandon you, My darlings.  Rejoice now, for I am coming to share My splendid glory with you for the these nine days.

“Fret not, and know that I can not be persuaded to remain here.  The winter is long and arduous, and My leave can not be avoided.  Though I will soon embark upon the journey, I am coming now to comfort you.

“Difficulties build the character of my beloveds, so endure what is difficult, grow and change with the oncoming storm.  The rain, though it may be dreary, is essential.  The snow, though it may freeze the land, also prepares it for new life in the spring.  So do I prepare you for My return.  For without absence, none may appreciate attachment.

“And if still you are angered by my leaving, know that the wretched emotion will color your thoughts and actions for weeks to come.  If you would share beauty with Me for Aegletia, you must first be beautiful, cultivating it in your heart and in your soul.

“Take solace, My loves.  I am coming.  So, prepare.”

— Apollon (Transcribed by Columbine) [Aegletia, Day 1]

Aegletia 1: Purification

By Sunweaver, for the first day of Aegletia.


We come to Aegletia 1: Purification, so that we may turn our minds and hearts toward Lord Apollon, the Purifier, and that we might be freed from the impurities that afflict us. Our afflictions aren’t limited to physical illness; we can harbor ill will, greed, envy, doubt, sloth, and more just as easily as a virus or a cancer. Our Lord offers us the light of awareness so that we can cleanse ourselves of that which hinders us and prevents us from recognizing our true and divine nature. When we are true to our nature, compassion and honesty come easily. We need not push away ill will or doubt; those are a dreaded Python that constricts us and consumes us, but one that can be burned away with His light. Our choice is this: Do we open our eyes to His blessings or do we turn from Him and allow the sickness of hatred and delusion to slowly kill us?


It seems like it ought to be a pretty simple choice, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in the quick high of self-righteousness and a much harder road to reflect on how we can change our actions and our attitudes for the better. Right now, right very now, someone is wrong on the internet. Someone has said something ignorant, plain stupid, hateful, factually incorrect, or just something that disagrees with somebody else’s worldview or opinions. I’d point out examples, but there are too many to count. Someone, somewhere, is being wrong on the internet or at work or in your family or somewhere else I haven’t thought of. Temporarily, it feels pretty good to speak your mind and be right at the person being wrong, but more often than not, a person will simply cling tighter to their beliefs or opinions rather than consider yours. When we greet someone with a shaking fist of righteousness, we get conflict in return. When we open our hands and speak with patience and compassion, that’s when productive dialogue can happen. That’s not to say that holding ourselves to a higher standard in the comments sections will necessarily lead to anybody else seeing the light, as it were, but we can at least cleanse our own souls by not being hateful and reactive, even when they’re really, really wrong and we can walk away when the conversation is no longer productive.


When I am out in the world or out in the internet, I see it as my sacred duty as a Priestess and Treasury Sister to hold myself to a higher standard when disagreeing with someone. I can’t say that I’ve perfectly fulfilled that duty and I’ve gotten myself caught up in ridiculous arguments about who’s more right, but I do, at least, try to be polite about it and I eventually remember that I don’t have to be right about everything. Somebody somewhere is going to be wrong about something. That’s just going to happen and if I cling to being right, I’m going to blind myself to new perspectives and ideas.


This doesn’t mean that I’m going to roll over and show my belly to hatred or injustice. That does mean that I’m going to try to handle those things with compassion and with xenia in mind. I don’t have to stoop to anyone’s level and another person’s poor behavior doesn’t have to ensnare me into doing something or saying something unwholesome. That also means having firm personal boundaries. I’m not going to engage with someone who acts out in a harmful way toward me and I’m not going to stay in a situation that’s harmful. I’m not going to put my kids, my family, or my friends in danger, either, and I will always reserve the right to say no or to walk away. Being polite to others is, for me, a matter of respect and I sincerely believe that everyone is deserving of kindness, but I’m also not going to be a doormat. Xenia works both ways and though that middle way is not always easy to see, Lord Apollon gives us the ability to be aware of when we stray from that path. Fortunately, the Moirae will be happy to present us with plenty of opportunities to practice.

I pray, then, that Apollon Aegletia purifies my heart and mind of the afflictions that obscure my true nature. May His light cleanse me of ill will, doubt, delusion, and all that is unwholesome and unlike the Bright One, son of Leto. May his blessing shine through me, even as he recedes to His place of rest in Hyperborea. May my speech and actions be wholesome and my body purified. May I shine as my true self, free from affliction, a reflection of His radiant glory. So say we all.  

— Sunweaver, Aegletia [Day 1]

The Storm I Seek

You are the storm I seek, and the path I travel even while the world awaits Your return.  For You have gone, yet do You remain here, in my heart and hearth.

You are the foundation of my love and the one who is worthy.  You are the fury stirring within me, and the pride of my accomplishments.

You are the sunrise and its blazing trail through the sky, and through Your love I am purified.

Through Your touch I am healed, and I willingly give myself to You.

Your kisses can be like ice or fire or scathing sands.  You are all of these, expressed in pure, raw emotion.

Oh, yes, You are the Restrained One, but You are also the frenzy of the chase, and the instigator of lust.  For You, I am purified.

From You I do not hide, but sit quietly and patiently for Your arrival.  And You are coming… and I will be here, waiting.

— Columbine [Aegletia, Day 1]

You Lead Me

I cannot see You, yet You lead me. Tugging my wrists, pushing at my back, dragging me along by my ears. I cannot hear You, yet You lead me. Whispering my thoughts, molding my guts, so many coincidences falling into place. I cannot feel You, yet You lead me. Rain showering katharmos, sun firing my consciousness, wind turning me toward You. I cannot show myself as Yours, am not always Yours, but You let me. Bringing You into this world in my empty arms and oh-so-full heart. Letting Your praises spill from my lips, purifying my thoughts, Yourself in my actions. This I pray, Lord Apollon, let me be ever more Yours.

— Atalanta [Day 1]


Today, I shall speak of my Bright-shining Lord.
But what shall I say that is not already known?
There is only anticipation for the expected, now.

Shall I speak of His radiance, blooming in Autumn peaches?
No, for the bees and others of the floating world hold His Dominion there.

Shall I speak of His strength, in the hoof-beats of herds over sprawling lands?
No, for the grasses have already felt the rolling thunder of His Presence.

Shall I speak of His precision, found in the hummingbird’s dart?
No, for the blossoms have already been peirced by His Desire.

Then, of what shall I speak today, which holds my mind in such easy thrall?

It is His Power, solid and firm over us, and yes, it too is known.
Yet, is it known that He returns to claim His due?

It was His promise.
But, perhaps the lie was sweeter than the Pythia’s Truth?

It begins.

Where will your loyalty rise when the Prince, Apollon, speaks?
For now, it is only I, a woman; ordinary, as often His women were.
But I ask, can you withstand?

The Holy Judge is near, and not near enough.
Will you be His Catalyst?

He returns, like a spiral, like a wave, destroying and creating.
Who will turn the Wheel, and send the Ship sailing toward His Island?

Our Lord awaits your answers.
Who will meet me There?

— Columbine [Day 1]